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Some pledges should be broken

May 20. 2018
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Re: “US Jerusalem move is a long-stated official policy”, May 20

Nigel Pike notes that former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama had all promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem but only Trump kept his promise.

Let’s be grown-ups! When people run for president they make all kinds of promises to get votes that they know they’re not likely to keep. For example, Mr Pike, even you can’t be stupid enough to believe that Trump thought he was going to get Mexico to spend billions of dollars to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of America!

But when you become president and you are informed that certain campaign promises could have deadly consequences, such as moving the embassy to Jerusalem, responsible leaders know they have to put common sense above campaign promises.

Anyone who condones what Trump did – which predictably lead to death and destruction, while doing nothing to help the cause of peace – is unfit to be called a human being.

Eric Bahrt

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