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US embassy move to Jerusalem was deadly and unnecessary

May 27. 2018
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Nigel Pike writes that it’s “absurd” to accuse a government of causing death and destruction by simply moving its embassy to another city. Let me put things in perspective.

As soon as Donald Trump announced he would move the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem I predicted in published newspaper letters that as a result of that decision people would die. Does anyone really believe that Trump didn’t know that too?

Anyone who would do something that they know will cause children to be killed or to have their legs amputated are absolutely evil unless they can show that what they did was 100 per cent necessary. And moving the embassy to Jerusalem was not even 1 per cent necessary.

If Trump, Pike and Netanyahu have one ounce of honesty in them they will admit that they don’t give a damn about Palestinian lives.

Eric Bahrt


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