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Think globally, act locally

Jun 19. 2018
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I would first like to retract an earlier apology I made to B Davies. who continues to take cheap shots at me. And he’s still too much of a coward to identify himself.

He argues that since the “powers that be” in America and England don’t read The Nation, there is no point in writing letters about international issues. But why stop here? Why not say this newspaper should no longer publish anything about any issue that isn’t directly about Thailand? Why pick on the letter-writers?

As I noted in a recent letter, if each vegan could persuade one person to become a vegan, it would have a significant impact in reducing animal suffering and saving our natural resources, which Davies claims to care about.

Or if every anti-Trump American could influence one pro-Trump voter to change his mind, it would guarantee a landslide defeat for Trump.

Fighting for justice isn’t about changing the whole world on your own. It’s about changing a little piece at a time.

Instead of insulting all the other letter-writers, why don’t you lead by example? He says we should have letters telling us not to litter or waste plastic. Wow, what a novel idea! I would never have thought of that if not for Mr Davies’ suggestion! I think the reason you insult all of us is because you have nothing constructive to offer yourself.

Eric Bahrt

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