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The mysterious absence of Thai traffic cops

Jun 28. 2018
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I recently spent yet another day on my bicycle dodging motorcycles riding on the wrong side of the road and lumbering farm vehicles oblivious to the speeding traffic, which of course are all ignoring speed limits.

Then miraculously I came across an empty road devoid of traffic. This is a familiar occurrence, due the presence of a VIP, as they always require an empty road to blast down with police sirens wailing to announce their distinguished existence. A requirement is that hundreds of police are also out in force to block all minor roads and ensure a trouble-free passage. Where are these upstanding members of the law during the times they are required, such as Songkran and New Year? The only time I encounter them is as motorcade escorts and at checkpoints for helmet use at the end of the month, where of course they cease working before five in the afternoon.

If the government were serious about reducing Thailand’s atrocious road accident statistics, instead of spending money on aircraft carriers, submarines, metal detectors, etc, they would be buying breathalyser units and radar guns by the thousands and increasing road traffic fines. And then, providing we could keep the increased revenue out of the hands of Thailand’s finest, we would have a large surplus to spend on roads and cutting fatalities.

Rod Grierson

Chiang Rai 

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