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Thai wild flowers make their mark

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Experience beautiful Siam Tulip exhibitions and shop for local products at the “Emporium EmQuartier The Queen of Tropical Rainforest” event taking place Emporium Gallery of the Emporium shopping complex from today until Monday.



“The Queen of Tropical Rainforest 2018,” introduces processed Siam Tulip products for the first time in collaboration with Play La Ploen Flora Park in Buriram Province, The Ministry of Commerce, the Dutch embassy in Thailand and the Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand or SACICT. 
The festival marks the 86th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s as well as Thailand’s Mother’s Day. Visitors can admire a seven-metre-tall installation of Hanuman Protecting the Rama Pavillion decorated with variety of Siam Tulips, Holland hydrangeas and more than 100,000 plants and flowers while also shopping for Siam Tulips, community products and scented fabrics. 
One of the highlights of this event is the introduction of processed Siam Tulip products, transforming the beautiful plants into variety of goods such as 100-per-cent naturally dyed fabrics made with different Siam Tulip colourings, each petal bringing a different effect to the final product. The products include purses, bags, clothing and scarves. Customers can also shop for Siam Tulip extracts spa products and munchies such as Siam Tulip bite-sized wraps, Siam Tulip chilli paste, Siam Tulip Crispy Rice snacks and much more.

Published : August 08, 2018

By : The Nation