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Internet giants may have signed their own death warrant

Aug 15. 2018
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When does a media platform become a publisher? By banning Infowars and other non-mainstream news sites, the Internet giants, Google, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Facebook et al are descending a slippery legal slope. 

Once they submit to political pressure to ban free speech by exercising editorial control over their content, they metamorphose from being a platform to a publisher, and thus render themselves liable to legal action – libel, defamation, etc – like The Nation or any other news outlet.

This is probably the intent of Europe’s totalitarian governments, who have succeeded, without popular mandate, in turning our countries into multicultural, crime-ridden hellholes, and are falling over themselves to prevent us from 

l Finding out just how bad things are, and 

l Expressing an opinion thereon. 

Britain’s neo-Stalinist prime minister has called on investors to boycott platforms that don’t censor “extremist” views. Since profits are considered more important than integrity, the big boys of the Internet are now entrenched as part of the globalist political establishment. The New York Times alleges that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, as well as sucking up to the EU tyrants, personally made the decision to ban Infowars.

As well as outright bans, the Internet platforms exercise covert means of silencing, such as “demonetisation” (starving websites of their advertising revenue, eg Rebel Media) and “shadow-banning” (rendering posts invisible to other users). 

When you see “Comments unavailable” or “Comments are disabled” it means that the initial comments have not reflected their New World Order-ist agenda.

I applaud Michael Setter’s letter of August 9, but I hold a more optimistic view of the future. 

There is a growing awareness and rejection of Orwellian thought control, hence the proliferation of alternative social-media platforms. Shadow-banned on Twitter? Then migrate to Gab. Deleted from YouTube? Try Dailymotion. And for intellectual debate on the freedom of speech, visit Spiked-online. 

The Internet giants may have written their own death warrant.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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