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Editorial exploited killing of journalist to make baseless attack on Turkey’s president

Oct 28. 2018
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I am writing to you regarding the editorial titled “This is not the time for Erdogan” (The Nation, October 25) and the cartoon published as Stephff’s View below.

I am deeply disappointed by the said piece, not only because of its heavily subjective, misplaced and distorted content and the accompanying cartoon depiction of Turkey’s president, but also to see that the death of a journalist being misused and abused to manipulate public opinion about Turkey. With due respect to editorial independence and freedom of expression, the writer of the editorial – who apparently does not even have the basic knowledge of Turkey’s capital – is attempting to target the elected president of Turkey with groundless and false accusations, while seemingly focusing on the murder of a journalist committed at a foreign consulate operating in Turkey. 

The incident is an unprecedented and highly traumatic one for the Turkish nation, as well as for the international community. It is Turkey’s moral, judicial and constitutional duty to bring those responsible to justice. The entire international community strongly expect our authorities to get to the bottom of this crime. That was also president Erdoðan’s message when he said that all persons – from the highest to the lowest ranks – responsible for the crime must be identified and held accountable for this terrible crime.

As a democratic country guided by the rule of law, Turkey is taking the necessary steps within the framework of national and international law to proceed on this issue with great sensitivity.

In this regard, the statements made by the president of the Republic of Turkey reflect the values of democracy, rule of law, morality and humanity’s conscience, directed at shedding light on an incident that has taken place in Istanbul.

We also expect the members of international media to act responsibly and demand that the perpetrators of this hideous crime to be brought to justice and held accountable.

Evren Daðdelen Akgün

Turkish ambassador

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