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Why is measles claiming so many lives in South? 

Dec 02. 2018
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There have been 11 measles deaths in the United States since the year 2000. In three southern provinces of Thailand (with 0.67 per cent of the US population) there have been 1,400 cases of measles and 13 deaths already this year!

The US Centres for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation (the CDC is in the vaccine business and the WHO is populated with former employees of big pharma) blame the failure of herd immunity on anti-vaccine propaganda and claim their recommended MMR protocol is safe. Both of these claims are contradicted by plentiful peer-reviewed evidence to the contrary.

Improved nutrition, sanitation, access to refrigeration and improved understanding of epidemics reduced the total number of deaths from measles in the US from 7,000 in the year 1900 to 383 in 1960 – three years prior to the advent of measles vaccine. By comparison the death rate from measles in the South of Thailand is higher today than it was in the US in 1960.

One wonders what the vaccination success rate in the South really is, whether any measles cases occurred among vaccinated individuals and if so whether a new approach is needed to replace the standard MMR protocol. The side-effects from MMR are notoriously serious and in some cases lethal. Therefore an investigation should be conducted to determine if the current batch of vaccine is not effective or is in fact defective. These numbers are truly alarming and unacceptable.

Michael Setter

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