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Dec 25. 2018
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Swiss Kubik’s watch winders make their debut on the Thai market

An essential accessory for all watch lovers, Swiss Kubik’s watch winders are now available on the Thai market. 

Brought to Thailand by TKI Group, the watch winders are a natฌural complement to your watch, guaranteeing its durability by ensuring that its mechanisms are never interrupted. 

The Group, which also repreฌsents Patek Philippe, Montegrappa pens and Scatola del Tempo watch winders in Thailand, hosted the opening of Swiss Kubik’s flagship store at Siam Paragon. Eric Caudrelier Benac, managing partner of SwissKubik SA and coowner of Elix Holdings that owns both SwissKubik and Scatola Del Tempo, flew to Bangkok for the special event.

He personally introduced the high technology of each watch winder, a perfect 10centimetre cube integrated with ultrasophisฌticated technology as well as the stylish design of the Masterbox range.   

“Thanks to a decade of watchฌmaking passion, our 100percent Swissmade watch winders are designed and manufactured by hand with the greatest care to showcase your watches and proฌtect their movement,” he told guests at the event. “They are a natural complement to your watch, guarฌanteeing its durability by ensuring that its mechanisms are never interrupted. Indeed, to ensure preฌcision and prolong its life, an autoฌmatic watch must always be in motion. Customisable to meet your needs, our watch winders are decฌorated in an innovative or classic way, always using the finest mateฌrials. With elegance and moderniฌty, they match your watch dependฌing on its shape, colour or strap material. Decorative objects in their own right, they allow you to see your watch working. They are highprecision objects that provide your watch with the care it deserves when you place it in your safe.”

Constantly improving products by collaborating with the most experienced Swiss artisans and using the best materials, Swiss Kubik is now offering the sixth genฌeration of mechanisms with techฌnical characteristics that are unique in terms of their reliability and performance. The watch winders make 1,900 revolutions per day – 950 in each direction. This frequency corresponds to the majority of automatic watches on the market. The rate can also be customised to guarantee that rewinding is perfectly adapted to each watch.

Thanks to the high performance of Swissmade mechanisms, the watch winders benefit from a threeyear international guaranฌtee. 

Two simple 1.5 volt alkaline batฌteries are enough to ensure their operation. The Masterbox range can also be powered by the mains. 

Available in two sizes: normal and small, the watch holders are held in place by a locking system.

“Each watch winder is assemฌbled by hand, and all our suppliers are located no further than 50 km from our factory. 

It is of great importance to us that our providers are motivated by the love of a job well done and share with us the same rigour. Each of them knows that it is essential to take good care of a watch and to provide it with these formidable tools that ensure durability of our watch winders,” Caudrelier said. 


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