Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Hold the stone steaks – tastier meat substitutes are available

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I don’t know that “optimist’ accurately describes “Ye Olde Pedant”, as he will have to wait for his molecularly manipulated “future of stone steaks and dirt-fried chicken”.



However ongoing scientific research, and millions of dollars spent on using animal- or plant-cell culture to produce food for our human world population, will eventually end the need to breed and slaughter billions of animals.
The Pedant is right in saying there is no humane way to kill any living marine or land animal, as their sentience means they feel pain and fear as we do, while plants suffer less, if at all, as they have no nervous systems or brains. In the meantime, the kinder more sustainable answer is to delve into the Internet and learn about the many benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle.
Diane Cornelius

Published : December 30, 2018