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Best Thai education is on YouTube

Jan 20. 2019
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Re: “Causes other than funding behind education inequality”, The Nation, January 18, and “World Bank urges Thailand to urgently tackle education inequality”, January 17.

A reader commented that Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin preferred the status quo. Teerakiat managed to pull through the four-year teacher training programme, provided huge learning budgets for the existing workforce, initiated English boot camps for English teacher, introduced a private-school management pilot and put the matter of “unlicensed assistants/professionals” on hold. 

I maintain we should have done research to find out how some public schools perform so excellently, but it’s been pointed out that there are possible obstacles concerning Thai research. We do have good researchers, but English-language proficiency is needed to absorb their extremely valuable information. 

Drs Rattana Lao, Kirida Bhaopichitr, Pavida Pananond and Pumsaran Tongliemnak stand out in the YouTube knowledge cloud. All have good ideas about higher education in general, Thailand 4.0 and the future workforce size, and the need to upgrade our “success areas” such as rice production and tourism with digital tools. 

The freely available YouTube seminar videos convey most pros and cons where large-scale Thai projects are concerned. The blank look when asked about Thailand 4.0 and 50 million Facebook users predict that education inequality will be with us for quite a while.

Dirk Sumter

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