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Thaksin unwittingly confessed to masterminding Thai Raksa Chart plot

Feb 14. 2019
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Re: “All change! Twelve hours is a long time in Thai politics”, Opinion & Analysis, February 13.

Tulsathit Taptim describes so brilliantly how Thai politics changed from the normal democracy playbook into a dreamlike world of fairy-tales, and then back again, and all within 12 hours!

On the next day, February 9, Thaksin Shinawatra posted a message on his Twitter account: “Chin up and keep moving forward! We learn from past experiences but live for today and the future. Cheer up! Life must go on!”

With that message, Thaksin made a confession to us all that he was the mastermind behind that dramatic day’s events.

That confession should convince Thai authorities to investigate accusations that Thaksin is pulling the strings for at least three political parties vying for House seats in the March 24 election.

Thaksin should be thankful he is not Jamal Khashoggi, who perished merely because he criticised his country.

 Thaksin, by contrast, and despite all the bad things he has done to this country, is still able to walk free and live a luxurious life without having to fear for his safety.

And that is why Thailand is still being called “The land of smiles”.

Vint Chavala

Chiang Mai

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