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Nespresso visits coffeehouses of yore

Feb 14. 2019
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Travel back in time with Nespresso and embark on a journey to the historical roots and the lively ambience of the very first coffeehouses.

The famous coffee brand is launching two new Limited Edition coffees, Cafe Istanbul and Caffe Venezia, that are inspired by the world’s very first coffeehouses and aim to bring the vibrant and bustling atmosphere directly to modern homes.

Istanbul has always been the entry point from Asia to Europe. A melting pot of colliding cultures, flavours tastes and ideas. With no printing press, Istanbul’s coffeehouse was seen as the mouthpiece of the city, where wild and rich theories were challenged, with coffee as the natural elixir. 


Venice has always been the creative gateway to Europe. Home for the arts, music and experimentation, which often made the coffeehouses the tastemakers. This fusion of cultures and expressions made the coffeehouses wild, complex and elegance places.

Follow the footsteps of the past and enter the birthplace of the coffeehouses in Istanbul with Cafe Istanbul. With its intense, black and oriental notes, Cafe Istanbul will inspire any black coffee lover taking them directly into the heart of the wild and bustling atmosphere of that time. 


Caffe Venezia, with its elegant and delicate profile, is the perfect muse and inspiration in a cup. Journey to Venice and enjoy a short get away to the home for arts and music. 

To fully immerse in a lively blend of history, the artist Young Rascal illustrates the first coffeehouses and merged today’s drinkers in yesterday’s world. 

Nespresso also introduces two new recipes.

“Cappuccino Oriental” is inspired by the modern Turkish coffee culture and old elements of spiced coffee (cinnamon, cardamom or clove) “Cardamon Espresso” is inspired by old Arabica coffee preparation. 

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