Friday, August 06, 2021


E-commerce tops for jobs and salaries levels, study finds

E-COMMERCE is the only industry that ranks high in demand and salaries at all career levels, according to a survey released yesterday by jobsDB (Thailand) Co Ltd, a job portal in Asia.



The survey found that IT and e-commerce were the two industries with the strongest demand for employees in the Thai job market this year, reflecting the digital transformation of the market.
The Thailand Salary Report 2018 covered data from over 50,000 leading employers. It found that salary ranges for all career levels – officer, supervisor, manager and senior manager – remained in the same range as last |year.
However, said jobsDB, it is interesting that e-commerce, medical services and engineering were the top three industries in pay rank at all career |levels, with e-commerce particularly standing out in the top five for all job levels.
 The average starting salary for e-commerce jobs at the staff level was Bt21,787 per month, while the starting salary at supervisor and manager levels were Bt35,885 and Bt55,738 respectively – the highest of all industries at the same career levels. At the top level, those with the strongest experiences and expertise in the industry can earn the most – a Bt145,000 salary. 
The starting salary at the officer level for medical services jobs, which include pharmacist, intern, nurse, medical technologist, and engineering jobs, is almost Bt20,000 on average. The highest salary at the management level is around Bt140,000.
The report also disclosed that the 10 job functions with strongest recruitment demand in 2019 were: 1 Sales, customer service and business development (17 per cent); 2 IT and e-commerce (12 per cent); 3 Engineering (10 per cent); 4 Administration and human resource (9 per cent); 5 Accounting (8 per cent); 6 Marketing and PR (8 per cent); 7 Finance and banking (5 per cent); 8 Travel, hospitality, food and beverage (5 per cent); 9 Transportation and logistics (4 per cent); and 10 Manufacturing (4 per cent). The company’s country manager, Voravudh Varikarn, said that to ensure they have the relevant job knowledge and skills that affect the salary rate, job seekers in this digital era should equip themselves with skills in data management and analysis, and enhance their knowledge of digital technology.
Their expertise needs to be both deep and broad, said Voravudh. Positive attitude is also a huge plus to ensure a candidate stands out and is perceived as more valuable compared to others.

Published : March 14, 2019