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Rent-A-Friend Business Offers Consumption-based Relationship

Mar 27. 2019
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Friend rental services are booming around the world. The US does it. The UK follows it. Japan does it. And Australia also does it.

Is your life such a lonesome one? In the contemporary world, people often live far away from their hometown. They work long hours, having limited time to meet new people. So, the business model provides you with the subscription of relationship.

At first glance, this may seem an alternative form of escorting or a blind-dating service. But people are offered by a friend rental service to have friends and relationships for a specific purpose.

A birthday party, for example, may be too quiet if not so many come to join. Some friend rental service providers offer party girls under specific themes to join your birthday party. The girls can create a sensual experience by being show girls, private waitresses, party hostesses, and more. But they are short-term, existing only for the party just to create a rejuvenating experience and make the occasion more memorable.

In some countries, such as Japan, one friend rental service rents out members of its 800 staff who act as its customers’ friends. Some customers rent friends for dinner companionship. Some rent a group with various outfits just to take pictures together and post to Instagram. Some rent, frankly speaking, for a date for a wedding. Others may pay for the experience of having a boyfriend or girlfriend without physical intimacy. Ultimately, some hire friends to be a groom and stage an entire fake wedding. So, the customer feels like being married for one day while staying single for all the other days.

In Australia, one service claims to help hard working people keep themselves energized and up for new endeavors, or spice up the special moment with professional and skilled girls. Crown Showgirls of Melbourne Australia, which caters to the global elite and regularly to the Crown Casino high rollers in Melbourne, offers its customers incredible experiences with show girls, private dancers, personal waitresses, party hostesses, barmaids and more. The service has been leading the way not just in Australia with customers’ dating nights but also sending talents all over Asia while committing to customer privacy of bookings and ordering history. This is just to avoid making the customer shy and embarrassed about renting a friend.

As long as the relationship goes in the way you want, renting a friend for a short period of time, or for a specific event in your life, still makes your moment as memorable as ever.


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