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Neutering will help control the strays problem

Apr 26. 2019
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Re: “Dog-breeding not the root of the strays problem”, Have Your Say, April 25 

Whenever I write a letter expressing concern about animals, I can always count on Robin Grant to quote me so far out of context that he might as well be lying.

Believing that encouraging people to get their dogs neutered will lead to the extinction of dogs, would be like a homeless person worrying about going into a high tax bracket if he makes a million dollars. And, of course, as always Grant has nothing constructive to offer on how to resolve the stray dog problem.

But if it makes him happy, I’ll qualify my statement by saying we should get dogs spayed and neutered until the stray dog problem is solved. At that point a limited amount of breeding would be acceptable.

But I’m sure even that suggestion would not be acceptable to Grant who condones every kind of animal cruelty imaginable.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai


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