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Big Brother is here – a global Orwellian tyranny threatens us all

May 09. 2019
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Big Brother Zuckerberg is watching you! Coming hot on the heels of the bans on InfoWars and Tommy Robinson, Facebook has now blacklisted Politicalite, the “unreported news” site, and banned seven more conservative activists and journalists including Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos, for promoting “dangerous ideology”.

Dangerous? Spot the asymmetry – Hamas and the violent alt-left remain untouched.

That’s not all. The loss of credibility of the mainstream media (MSM) over the last decade has driven people to alternative news feeds on social media. But now Facebook is rolling out its “Click-Gap” algorithm which “de-boosts” right-of-centre news in an attempt to reverse the trend. A whistleblower states that alt-left news sites are unaffected.

And there’s more. Gab, the free speech alternative to Twitter which was originally set up by Russians to avoid state censorship in their country, was banned by its web host last October and its PayPal and Stripe payment channels terminated. Fortunately it found a new home. There are plenty of web hosts who robustly defend liberty, but it can only be a matter of time before national web registrars get in on the act.

Facebook, Google/Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Paypal and Amazon are in lockstep. These latest assaults on free speech consolidate the merging of social media, pay channels, online retailers, the MSM and totalitarian governments from Venezuela to Britain to China into a single Orwellian establishment. It aims to control what we are allowed to know. It seeks to impose a totalitarian Marxist new world order in which the truly dangerous and violent organisations – Antifa, Hope Not Hate, Black Lives Matter – get off scot-free, and in which discussion of major threats such as Islamic fundamentalism, rape gangs and desecration of churches is shut down in the name of racism and so-called “Islamophobia”.

Through this unremitting gloom, I see a ray of light. Awareness of global censorship is rocketing, and although Facebook and YouTube are no longer fit for purpose as one-stop news shops, we can still find Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson et al at their dedicated websites. Bitchute, Telegram and Gab are replacing YouTube, Whatsapp and Twitter. The genie is out of the bottle, the tech giants are losing trust and will suffer the same fate as the MSM.

Whether one is a toothbrush-moustached, goose-stepping neo-Nazi or a balaclava-clad, club-wielding Antifa thug, everyone should be seriously concerned at the trend. The liberal fascists run the world today, but they could be displaced by right-wing fascists tomorrow. With the machinery of Orwellian thought control in place, we are all doomed.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 

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