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Future Forward’s boisterous youngsters giving Thanathorn growing headaches

Jun 02. 2019
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Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroonruangkit had to come out and apologise last week for a patronising remark one of his party members made against another party’s Member of Parliament.

The FFP former candidate for Bangkok, who failed to get elected on March 24, had compared an MP for Ang Thong province to a “lower-level” representative who “ran around” attending funeral and wedding ceremonies within his constituency.

That jesting remark received widespread condemnation from the public, to the point that Thanathorn had to make a public apology for the anger his party member provoked.

As public figures, MPs traditionally attend funerals and weddings in their constituencies as part of their duties.

It looks like the FFP leader will have to face more and more headaches as a result of his party’s young and boisterous members’ inappropriate behaviour.

Vint Chavala

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