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Let’s try to save lives, but...

Jun 24. 2019
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Re: “Darwin’s theories mean nothing when life is in danger” and “Thai beaches should have lifeguards – but not to save drowning people”, Have Your Say, June 24.

Michael Setter goes off-topic with his opening statement. “If anybody is brainless enough to smoke and ends up dead, then we have an example of Darwinism at its finest.” Not quite, Michael. Most dead smokers have already had a chance to procreate before they perish, so Darwinism does not apply. And since we are all going to die at some point, we should be free to follow a path between life and death of our choosing, whether it involves smoking, sugar, mountain-climbing, Class A drugs, veganism or (with one writer in mind), slaughtered rabbits and pigs-in-blankets.

I do not wish to disparage Michael Setter’s selfless action to save lives (presumably during the tourist season) in Hawaii, nor indeed the sincerity of R Debacleur and Daren Jenner (original letter, June 21). I, too, have assisted a drowning man, and have taught my five Thai nieces to swim and use scuba equipment.

But when it comes to rank stupidity and absence of common sense, may Darwinism reign supreme.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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