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Only one antidote to the karma of Darwinism 

Jun 25. 2019
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Nigel Pike wishes that, “when it comes to rank stupidity and absence of common sense, may Darwinism reign supreme”. Indeed, it’s easy to sympathise with that view if one imagines one is superior to others in possessing the qualities of intelligence.

But have you never misjudged a situation, Nigel? Never made a mistake with dire consequences? Would you refuse the aid of others under such circumstances, in order to conform to Darwinism? 

Selfishness represents the most profound misjudgement of one’s situation, which inevitably results in being faced with the dire consequences of karma. The law of cause and effect, upon which Darwin’s hypothesis rests, is only rendered powerless through a process of self-understanding and self-transcendence and never by following a programme of embracing one’s imaginary superiority. 

Meanwhile the argument that “most dead smokers have already had a chance to procreate before they perish, so Darwinism does not apply” is simply unscientific.

Darwinism is not about “most”, it is about all. It always applies. Smoking reduces the overall vigour of the species, thus if some smoke, we, as a species over time, will fall into decline, unless or until the genetic component which contributes to the tendency to smoke is eliminated through a process of natural selection.

It is exactly this tendency towards addiction which is killing us. We are all addicts, addicted to the illusory self, and therefore we habitually struggle to find happiness in this wilderness of suffering, and never ultimately succeed.

Everyone needs help. Help when we are born and help when we die. High and low, it is the same for all.

Do flowers deserve their demise? Should we not remember this when feeling like those who stupidly lack common sense deserve to die? 

Michael Setter

Chon Buri

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