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South Korean TV show may face Thai investigation

Jul 06. 2019
Captured image of the SBS show Laws of the Jungle.
Captured image of the SBS show Laws of the Jungle.
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By Choi He-suk
The Korea Herald

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The producers of “Law of the Jungle,” a jungle survival entertainment program on SBS, faces police investigation in Thailand. The show’s producers have since released a public apology over the issue. 

According to news reports, Thai authorities are looking into possible violation of local environmental laws by the show’s cast in episodes filmed on Ko Mook Island in southern Thailand. The show consists of celebrities being sent to remote locations where they engage in survival activities including collecting and hunting food stuff.

 A recently aired episode of the program showed actress Lee Yeol-eum collecting three specimens of a species of giant clam. The following episode, which has not been aired yet, is said to show the cast cooking and eating the clams. 

However, Thai media reported that the clams are protected under Thai law, and collecting the species is punishable by less than 4 years in prison or a fine of about Bt40,000. 

According to reports, Thailand’s Hat Chao Mai National Park authorities have requested a police investigation of the producers of the show. 


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