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Grab launches ride-hailing service in Trang

Jul 11. 2019
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Travel in Trang just got a whole lot easier as Grab, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, joins up with the southern province, one of 55 secondary destinations promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, to launch its ride-hailing service.

This partnership reaffirms Grab’s commitment to boost tourism economy in Thailand, create better income-earning opportunities for all Thais, and improve the quality of life of people living in provinces by giving them equal access to safe, convenient and affordable transportation.

Grab’s JustGrab service officially launches on Sunday (July 14) at the Trang Marathon 2019. Tourists visiting Trang and participating in the marathon can easily use the Grab mobile app to connect to the nearest taxi or ride-hailing option and get to their desired destination.

Paiboon Omak, Deputy Governor of Trang province, commented, “We have set a goal to be ‘a city of good life and sustainability’ in line with the 20-year National Strategy. With the diversity in our places of interest, ranging from natural attractions to unique cultural travel experiences, tourism has long been our strength. Getting to our province is also very convenient as we offer all means of transport from planes, buses to trains. Trang is therefore a popular tourist destination for both locals and foreigners, especially tourists from Scandinavian countries. We have placed great importance in improving the transportation ecosystem as we expect to welcome more than 1.6 million tourists to Trang this year. Grab’s ride-hailing service will help us to offer more convenient and seamless transportation to those tourists. This will also move us closer to our goal of driving tourism growth and create income opportunities to improve the livelihoods of people living in Trang.”

Tarin Thaniyavarn, Country Head of Grab Thailand, added, “Grab is committed to boosting Thailand’s tourism economy and we are very excited to be in Trang. We have been working closely with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to help drive tourism growth in many provinces and cities outside of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, such as Buriram’s MotorGP and now, Trang Marathon. Today, 1 in 3 of Grab users in Thailand are tourists, who count on Grab’s ride-hailing services to get them from one place of interest to another. We will continue to collaborate with provincial authorities and play our part in complementing the public transportation ecosystem in these provinces, so as to increase the attractiveness of these provinces as tourist destinations. In addition, we are also helping to improve the quality of life of Thais living in these provinces by giving them access to safe, convenient and affordable transportation options, and creating better income-earning opportunities and livelihoods for people who can now choose to come on board our platform to become driver-partners.”

With the addition of Trang, Grab is now operating in 20 cities across 18 provinces. Grab, together with Trang Governor's Office, the Federation of Thai Industries, Trang Chapter, the Tourism Authority of Thailand at Trang Province and, Trang Chamber of Commerce will ensure the successful organization of the Trang Marathon 2019, which is expected to attract over 20,000 visitors. All proceeds from the marathon will be donated to 10 public hospitals in Trang.

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