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CP Foods India commits to sustainable fishmeal production

Aug 13. 2019
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By The Nation

CPF (India) Private Limited, a subsidiary of CP Foods PCL, will enter the IFFO RS Improver Programme this year, becoming the first company in India to apply international standards for sustainability to fishmeal sourcing and manufacturing.

Sujint Thammasart, chief operating officer at CP Foods, said the move would improve operations and it takes steps to achieve IFFO certification, which ensures traceability for fishmeal and fish oil throughout the supply chain.

“CP Foods’ aqua business both in Thailand and overseas has a single standard for the sustainable procurement of raw materials,” he said. “Particularly, we encourage the fishing industry to work in accordance with legal international standards.”

Pichaiyut Tachapong, a senior vice president at CPF India, said applying got IFFO certification was the first step to ensure that the company’s fishmeal-procurement system is in line with the law and international standards. 

It also reduces environmental impacts, he noted. The company will engage in legal fishing with the appropriate equipment that guards against the extinction of any species.

“Certification will confirm that our fishmeal comes from legal sources,” Pichaiyut said.

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