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True Digital Park has the modern workspace answers

Aug 26. 2019
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Office workers normally occupy cubicles in big buildings, while freelancers and people working for startups usually go to cafés and co-working spaces scattered around Bangkok.

But this is evolving and now more companies are providing optional workspaces outside their main offices, “alternative workplaces”. Here are five key reasons why:

Millennials and Generation Z entering the job market

These are the generations becoming more influential in companies, ranging from recent graduates and first-time jobbers to new-generation managers.

Having an alternative workplace answers their needs and significantly increases their job satisfaction. Both groups embrace the alternative environment – as long as they find state-of-the-art facilities including fast internet, full-function printers and modern meeting rooms equipped for video conferencing, plus ideally a “Hot Desk” area where seating is never fixed.

Agile work style with focus on productivity, speed and collaboration

Firms are adopting an agile working style, especially if staff members reside in different locations.

A comfortable working area without walls but with an atmosphere that promotes creativity is an essential ingredient. As a bonus, spaces are available as soon as the rental deal is signed.

New connections

An alternative workspace where people from various business sectors and industries mingle allows an organisation to expand its collaborative network and connections. Big companies can meet startups whose innovations complement their line of products. They can find new customers through networking with others.

Scalability and flexibility

In an era where businesses compete with speed, having an alternative workplace supports high flexibility and fast adaptation to customer needs and expectations. A company can accommodate its team and allocate this alternative workspace to greeting and meeting customers.

Renting a traditional office space often requires a long-term contract based on the number of square metres. Also, there are extra costs of set-up and decoration. Office space in a business district at the heart of the city is extremely expensive. 

Commute times shortened

Traffic is one of the biggest challenges for office workers in Bangkok. Having an alternative workplace lessens the stress of the daily commute and increased work hours. It can be another way for companies to attract talent that favours easy commutes.

A good alternative workplace reflects all the above reasons. True Digital Park president Thanasorn Jaidee believes large companies are increasingly interested in providing alternative workplaces for their employees. 

True Digital Park, Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s largest digital-innovation hub, provides co-working spaces that complement the lifestyles of today’s workers. Most clients sign up for its Hot Desk, where their staffers not only work in an environment that promotes collaboration and creativity but also gives them access to a full range of facilities. 

Members can easily reserve a meeting room through an application.

True Digital Park offers workspace on a monthly membership basis. In addition to a full-range facilities and services, there are also various lifestyle and networking activities for its members.

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