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Travel influencers share tips and tricks for inspiring photos

Sep 13. 2019
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Four bloggers recently shared their techniques with finalists in the AXA Insurance “Know You Can” photo contest, along with their motivating and empowering stories.

“Taking a meaningful and powerful photograph is not only about technique. It is also about mindset and confidence,” said Satita Sorassa or Ta of Travelista, who is also the vice president of the Association of Thai Tourism Marketing (ATTM), the assistant president of the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) and a member of the Media and Blogger Club.

A former economics news chief at Krungthep Thurakij newspaper Satita eight years ago became a first-generation blogger to fulfil her dream of being a photographer and blogger.

The Travelista page owner said photography and blogging techniques can be learned. “A ‘Know you can’ concept can be well applied here. Everyone is different and unique. Anyone can become a unicorn startup with a billion-dollar business. Anything is possible.”

Seeroong Pongpanich or Roong of the Unseen Tour Thailand fan page said, “You must believe in the ‘Know you can’ concept. Know it in your own heart that you can make it happen. Have passion, hold on to your dream and keep going toward it every day. I strongly believe that one can always find time to do what one loves.”

Taking a truly inspiring photograph requires three key components, said the bloggers. First, be true to your style and create a sense of self in a portrait. Second, follow the emotions that you feel at the time you press the shutter. Third, use the focal point technique for an eye-catching effect. In addition, using new and fresh angles or unseen locations can capture viewers’ attention.

Moreover, the bloggers emphasise the importance of a caption or a description for each photograph. “The first three lines are imperative. A photo caption must be short, concise and catchy,” said Prapas Jarosrum or Tik of “KinKamTui TaluiTiew”. “In the same manner as a news article, a photo caption must answer the question of who, what, when, where and why.

“When I first started my page, I had very few followers. However, I was not discouraged because I firmly believed that one day success would come.”

In short, being true to yourself, believing in your power, and not giving up are key success factors, said Warut Ownnopparatpiboon or Kor, a founder of website that specialises in European trips and a writer of the best-selling “Scandinavian Travel” guidebook.

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