Friday, August 06, 2021


Thai Union strengthens guard against food fraud

Thai Union Group PCL has announced a series of robust programmes to combat food fraud and protect its food supply chain from intentional contamination.



The “Combating Food Fraud and Food Defence Strategy” will complement the work Thai Union already does under its global sustainability strategy, SeaChange, which includes tracing products to identify and record their provenance and progress along the supply chain.
“We have an unwavering commitment to protect our supply chain,” Sirilak Suwanrangsi, Thai Union’s global regulatory leader, said in announcing the policy at the World Seafood Congress in Penang, Malaysia. 
“This new strategy will strengthen our existing work to prevent any threats to our business and to our customers.”
Thai Union has introduced a “Manual of Mitigation Measures to Combat Food Fraud and Intentional Adulteration”, which provides guidance in developing measures against threats specific to each business.
Suwanrangsi said it’s important for companies such as Thai Union to have systems in place that protect reputations and assess any vulnerabilities in supply chains.
“Collectively, these efforts will reduce risks in Thai Union’s supply chain and help protect our business” said Dr Darian McBain, Thai Union’s global director of corporate affairs and sustainability.
Food fraud includes the deliberate and intentional substitution, addition, tampering or misrepresentation of food, ingredients or packaging, along with false or misleading statements made about a product, for economic gain.

Published : September 26, 2019