Friday, August 06, 2021


New startup brings innovation to parking

Bluebik Group, a group of consultants with specialisation in developing competitive digital strategy, innovation and technology management, have diversified into a smart parking management system.



Their new startup business Blue Parking is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
The innovative technology is expected to save time and money for users, resulting in a better parking experience.
The significant features are cardless parking, real-time management control, vehicle parking reservation, API (Applications Program Interface) Service connected with mobile app and social media platforms, automated parking system with online payment, smart e-stamp, and data analytics on cloud.
The group plans to increase the implementation of Blue Parking system to 100 parking lots by 2020.
More than 10 sites have been completely installed, mainly for department stores. The potential target groups for Blue Parking are condominium projects, office buildings, community malls, hotels and hospitals.
Pochara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik Group, said that the company aimed to strengthen and differentiate consulting services through digital knowledge, innovation technology and new initiatives to enhance customers’ business competitiveness.
Blue Parking will create a new parking experience for customers based on these following highlight features, Pochara said.
Among the features are:
⧫The ALPR (auto licence plate recognition) of the licence plate number is detected by a camera, the barrier opens automatically, and regular users can drive into a vacant space without any parking ticket.
⧫ Business owners can control the parking features in real time such as time in and out, membership management.
⧫The vehicle parking reservation feature enables customers and drivers to make a reservation of available parking space without frustration of searching for a parking spot.
⧫ The API Service enables business owners to connect the parking reservation system with other platforms such as mobile app or Line Business Connect using as a marketing tool to reach online customer group.
⧫ Cashless and ticketless parking that enables customers to access and exit a parking facility using QR Code, debit card or credit card.
⧫ E-coupon system, a promotion for visitors who park in office buildings' parking lots. The system functions as an e-stamp that parking operators or parking businesses need not invest in hardware implementation.
⧫ Businesses can access data of customer service on the cloud so that customer behaviour data can be analysed creating value-added service business such as dynamic pricing.

Published : September 30, 2019