Monday, June 14, 2021


GSB sets aside Bt25 billion in loans for home buyers

Government Savings Bank (GSB) will launch a mortgage loan campaign this month with a low interest rate to serve those wanting to buy a home under Bt3 million or more.



President Chatchai Payuhanaveechai said the bank is setting aside a sum of Bt25 billion for the purpose.
He said the loans would offer a lending rate of a little lower than 2.99 per cent. Installments in the initial period will also be low.
The bank has outstanding mortgage loans of Bt350 billion, representing 12 per cent of the total mortgage loan share in the market. 
Chatchai believes the government will continue to introduce new economic stimulus measures to lift the economy at the end of this year and the next. This will help boost consumers’ confidence.
He said the recent lending rate cut by both state and private banks would also help boost the economy.

Published : November 19, 2019