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MEA offers 7 tips on cutting your summer electricity bill

May 18. 2020
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The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has offered tips to customers on how to reduce their power bills in summer, after seeing a sharp spike in electricity usage among householders due to the work-at-home directive to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The seven major tips for cutting your bill are:

1. Set air-conditioners to 26 degrees Celsius, and use electric fans to increase cooling airflow in the room.

2. Unplug electric tea-kettles when you don’t need hot water. Keeping the water hot all day can increase your power bill by up to Bt123 per month.

3. Do not overstock the refrigerator, and keep the door closed after use. Also, place the fridge at least 15cm from the walls to reduce heat.

4. Use computer components that are certified with the Energy Star standard to save electricity. A laptop also consumes up to three time less power than a desktop computer.

5. Some appliances still consume electricity in standby mode, so make sure to unplug them when not in use for prolonged periods.

6. Avoid ironing in air-conditioned rooms as the heat will make the A/C work harder. It is also recommended to iron a lot of clothes in one session to save power.

7. Switch to LED bulbs, which are 50-75-per-cent more energy efficient than other types. An 18-watt LED lamp can be as bright as a 32-watt fluorescent lamp and save Bt14 per month if used five hours per day.

For more information, visit the MEA facebook page,, or contact the call centre at 1130.

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