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A step closer to animal welfare in Thailand

Aug 13. 2014
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The proposed animal-welfare bill aims to guarantee universal animal welfare in Thailand and create a bedrock of awareness among the public regarding the proper treatment of animals and the social benefits that abound from showing sensitivity to Thailand's
The bill would also enact penalties for abusers in order to deter such anti-social behaviour.
The first draft of the bill was conceived over 10 years ago. The Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) worked in tandem with over 90 organisations, including the Lawyers Council of Thailand and the Department of Livestock Development, and consulted the public, to craft legislation that would address the complete spectrum of animal-rights issues within the country’s cultural paradigm. 
The Lower House unanimously approved the bill, 325-0, and forwarded it to a government sub-committee, where it was amended and resubmitted to the House. During this period, the most recent government chose to abandon most legislation under debate and focus on the passage of the controversial amnesty bill. The subsequent political instability and eventual dissolution of Parliament placed the animal-welfare bill in stasis.
The proposed bill was supported with 11,500 public signatures garnered by the TSPCA.  
As it stands today, the National Legislative Assembly has accepted this bill for fast-track consideration. The TSPCA will continue its tireless efforts to win passage, and will work closely with the National Council for Peace and Order and the Assembly, as well as all future legislative organisations and committees, to see that animals in Thailand receive the legal protection they deserve.  
Tirapongse Pangsrivongse
President of the Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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