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I've been framed: Lese majeste man

Sep 22. 2012
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By Pravit Rojanaphruk,
The Nati

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Lese majeste detainee Surapak Phuchaisaeng, a computer programmer, told the court on Friday that he had been framed and police had tried to force a confession when he was arrested in September last year.


Suparak, 41, told the three judges made threats to get him to say things “that went with what they desired. I waited a whole year [in jail] before I could say this.”
 Surapak, charged of being behind a Facebook account with a title that reads “I shall rule through…”, which The Nation cannot reveal in its entirety for fear of violating the law, said he had no idea why anybody would want to frame him. 
The detainee told the court that technically speaking there was no evidence to prove that he was behind the Facebook account. 
“There is no real evidence. If I did commit a crime, why would I save it [on a computer] to wait for arrest? The evidence was fabricated to prosecute me,” an emotional Surapak told the court.
Navy Captain Kittipong Piyawanno, a computer expert and communication-engineering lecturer at the Royal Navy Cadet College, was the last defence witness in the trial. He told the court that there was no way to prove that the evidence had not been added to the hard drive after Surapak was arrested, adding that police had failed to collect adequate evidence to prove that the detainee was indeed behind the Facebook account. 
“The reliability [of the claimed evidence] is almost nil,” Kittipong told the court.
He also said that if an innocent person were sentenced under the lese majeste law or the Computer Crimes Act, not only would the person develop a negative impression about the monarchy, but the monarchy would be negatively affected as well. 
The lecturer also criticised the activities of the so-called cyber-scouts and ultra-royalists, saying that going on a witch-hunt was not the right way of expressing love for the monarch.
The court is scheduled to issue a verdict on October 31. 

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