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Red shirts join in cyber war of the masks

May 27. 2013
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By Budsarakham Sinlapalavan

Red shirts and pro-government supporters have kicked off a "red mask" campaign in opposition to the white masks of anti-Thaksin groups.

The campaign was born after Facebook users adopted the so-called Guy Fawkes white masks on Saturday to criticise the government and former prime minister and de-facto party leader Thaksin Shinawatra.

A Facebook user page named “Seu Moun Chon Khon Sua Dang”, (red shirt mass media), posted a message yesterday: “Please all red cyber warriors gather to attack an anti-government Facebook page at 9 o’clock every night by reporting on their page ‘It's spam or a scam’. Please change your profile photos to ‘red mask’. Please send this message to your red-shirt friends to join in this campaign. War is started.” 
“Seu Moun Chon Khon Sua Dang” postings on its target page included
An “Ultra Daeng Sayiew” page called for a red-shirt cyber attack on the Democrat MP Sirichok Sopha page at 2pm.
Sirichok said he didn’t worry about the red mask project because it did not have many people contributing to it.  Also, he wasn’t concerned if the red shirts should report his page to Facebook because he did everything within the law. 
Deputy Government Spokeswoman Sunisa Lertpakawat said no matter if it was white or red masks, in the social media and in the real world everyone had a constitutional right to express political opinions, as long as they conformed to the law.

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