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10 suspects arrested for M-79 grenade attack on NACC

Mar 28. 2014
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Ten men have been arrested for firing M-79 grenades into the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) office in Nonthaburi, while many war weapons were found hidden in an abandoned area near the agency's office.
Police searched areas around the NACC after two M-79 grenades landed in its compound at around 10.45pm last night.

The grenade damaged the window of a women's restroom on the 4th floor of the building, while an exterior wall was damaged by another grenade. Many grenade fragments found scattered around the area.

During the search operation, police found three men who behaved suspiciously, walking from a wooded area, an abandoned area in Nonthaburi Soi 46. Police also found a AK-47 assault rifle and ammunition.

After that police detained seven more suspects who joined rally of the Radio Media for Democracy Group, the pro-government group protesting against the NACC, blocking the entrance of the agency's ofices.

They were taken for questioning at the Nonthaburi provincial police station. Police searched security guards of the group and found a shotgun in the trunk of a car.

Another group of police searched the bush near the stage of the Radio Media for Democracy Group and found hand grenades, a gun, bullets and an M-79 grenade launcher.

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