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Govt dared to show proof of international 'role'

Jul 09. 2015
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THE 14 NEW Democracy Movement (NDM) students, who were released from prison on Wednesday, yesterday dared the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and the government to show evidence to prove whether they were really backed by international agencie
“I’d like to ask them [NCPO] to tell the media about the international agencies or those backing us [which NCPO talked about], who are they? Reporters, please ask them. If [you] dare, let us know [who the international agencies or those backing us are]. Anyone can say anything [without evidence],” said Rangsiman Rome, a key NDM member, at Thammasat University, Rangsit campus, where they made their first statement after their release.
From the time the 14 took to streets, there had been many rumours about them being supported by political groups and international agencies. A few officials had come out, saying they knew that someone was backing these students.
“As for the accusation that we were hired [to do this], I want to ask everyone, how much would it cost for us to risk our lives? Bt300? Would you join us for B300? Bt500? Will you join us?,” the student added.
Rangsiman dismissed such accusations as mere words that can be spoken by anyone. He urged the government and the NCPO to show evidence to prove that the students were really backed by international agencies or any group. 
Apart from that, he also said that all the accusations were slanderous, adding that the NCPO was trying to set them up in a bid to use violence like in the days of the October 6 revolution when students were massacred.
At Thammasat University yesterday, the NDM issued another statement, stressing that they would continue to fight for democracy to restore the five principles they thought had been lost in Thai society.
The statement contained three major points: One, their 12-day detention was a human rights violation; second, Article 44 was not a law and hence the NCPO should stop using it against the people; third, they would continue to fight and would cooperate with any group from anywhere that would like to fight for democracy.

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