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Govt’s corruption and mafia crackdown gets top marks in poll

Sep 19. 2016
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THE government’s suppression of graft and influential figures scored the highest mark from the public but its inability to shore up the slumping economy got the bottom mark, according to Suan Dusit’s latest poll on the Prayut administration’s two years
The popular pollster asked 1,167 people nationwide selected at random four questions: What satisfied them the most about the government’s performance?, What disappointed them the most?, What did they wish to see in the government’s third year in office?, And what did they think of Thursday’s press conference detailing the government’s two-year performance report?
Some 73.5 per cent of respondents to the poll were most dissatisfied with the economic slowdown and high living costs. 
That was followed by low prices for agricultural products (72 per cent), restrictions on freedom of expression (70.6 per cent), concerns over crime (59 per cent), and ongoing conflict and violence in the three southernmost provinces (52 per cent).
Conversely, the Prayut government’s policies to combat graft and the mafia were very popular at 82.7 per cent, followed by its efforts to restore peace and order (78 per cent), the junta’s achievements in line with its road map (70.7 per cent), suppression of forest and public-area encroachment (67 per cent), and transport infrastructure development (60 per cent).
Asked what they wished to see in the third year of the Prayut administration, economic development easily scored highest (80.5 per cent), followed by people’s well-being and welfare (74 per cent), peace and order (73 per cent), continued suppression of corruption (65 per cent), and an election and democracy (60.7 per cent).
Asked what they thought of the government’s two-year performance report, people said they now understood more about the junta’s performance (76 per cent), followed by people learning about the government’s concrete achievements and future work plans (72 per cent). 
Some 70 per cent want the junta to carry on its work and build trust with the public, while nearly 70 per cent were satisfied with its performance but said several things could still not be resolved.
Second poll: Security and political stability best
Meanwhile, another popular poll, Super Poll, released its latest survey results yesterday that showed the Prayut government’s efforts to maintain security and political stability was what won it top marks, followed by its work on social issues, notably corruption. 
The poll showed its economic efforts needed most improvement.
Off 1,237 respondents, 63 per cent gave the Prayut administration a satisfied rating, while the Thaksin Shinawatra administration scored just over 11 per cent, the Abhisit Vejjajiva administration 10 per cent, and the Yingluck administration 5 per cent.
Most people want the Prayut government to make them happy, generate jobs, and create an 
environment where they have money to spend. 

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