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Cabinet told to fix worsening plight of poor

Nov 26. 2017
 Ongart Klampaiboon
Ongart Klampaiboon
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DEMOCRAT PARTY deputy leader Ongart Klampaiboon yesterday urged the new Cabinet to quickly solve the rising cost of living rather than focusing on extending the lifespan of the junta-backed government.

Ongart said poor people, the majority of the population, were suffering as the cost of living continued to rise.

“The government has often told the public about the economy expanding, exports recovering, more tourists visiting the country, private investment picking up and consumption rising across social groups,” he said. “But if ministers go to meet ordinary people, they will find their standard of living moving in the opposite direction to the economic indicators.

“If government officials visit street vendors, or those who sell their goods at community outdoor markets, they will find that vendors sell less food than you would expect, so the government needs to act quickly to solve people’s economic hardships.” 

He said the price of farm products had dropped, which was proof of failure of the government’s performance. The government might also need to introduce a minimum-income guarantee scheme to support farmers, Ongart added. 

If the government could raise the price of farm products, it could help farmers, who make up the majority of the population, he said. 

“I hope the new cabinet will work hard to solve the people’s problems. Ministers should not work for their own interests or try to extend the term of the junta-backed government to keep it in power,” he added. 

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