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Let the legal process take its course in regard to outsider PM, says Prayut

Jan 09. 2018
PM Prayut.
PM Prayut.
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Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha on Tuesday said he would let the stipulated legal process take its course in regard to possible nominations for an outsider PM following the next general election.

Prayut had earlier remained non-committal on whether or not he would take up such a position after the national poll, prompting speculation over him seeking to cling on to power.

The process would depend on what the organic laws say, and people should not be overly worried about it, he said on Tuesday.

People have singled him out and are focusing on him without looking around for whether there are other people who would also be competent, he added. 

The premier said he would therefore urge people not to link him with the matter, but rather lend support to those persons who volunteer to serve the country in the future, and to be selective when voting.

He declined to comment on whether an outsider PM’s work would go smoothly, stressing that he would rather focus on what happens today. 

Prayut also urged people to help by considering whether what his government had been doing should be continued in the future.

He said that today he was a person of the people, and could do everything they wished him to. 

The PM earlier announced that he was no longer a soldier, but a former soldier who had now turned himself into a politician – a statement which suggested to many that he was now preparing himself to formally enter politics.

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