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Pheu Thai makes impassioned plea for parties to unite for the people’s interest

May 29. 2019
Pheu Thai party’s secretary-general Phumtham Wechayachai//his Facebook
Pheu Thai party’s secretary-general Phumtham Wechayachai//his Facebook
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The anti-junta Pheu Thai Party on Wednesday called for all elected parties to unite to amend the Constitution and to bargain on behalf of the people’s interests following an election that followed “screwed up” rules in order to maintain the military’s power.

“Today, I believe that everyone has seen how unfair the 2017 constitution is. This charter is the work of the National Council for Peace and Order in its effort to retain power,” Pheu Thai party’s secretary-general Phumtham Wechayachai posted to his Facebook.

“The important point is the constitution allows appointed senators to vote for a premier,” he said.

“We now see the political style of the pro-junta camp led by Phalang Pracharat Party. They have tried to form a government, but their political deal is unsettled. Also, they have only a small chance of forming the government due to their weak negotiations.

On the other hand, they may face a problem of political stability if they can form a new government, as they do not have more than half the seats in Parliament,” Phumtham said.

However, if the pro-junta coalition failed to form government with strong majority support from the House of Representatives, they might form a minority-backed government and then dissolve Parliament for a new election, he said.

No politician from that camp would from now on pay much attention to the national interest and the people, he charged.

The powers that be will use all means to retain power and Phalang Pracharat Party would try to continue with the same old premier, Phumtham said.

“Where is the people in their power play?” Phumtham asked.

The result of the re-election in Chiang Mai’s 8th constitution last week indicated that people want to run away from Prayut’s regime, he added.

The Future Forward Party overwhelmingly won the poll, but party list calculation gave two seats to the Democrat and Phalang Pracharat parties.

Such “screwed up” rules of the game needed to be corrected, he said.

“Through a constitutional amendment and by solving the problems of people, the parties that have a purpose in opposing a [continuation of the military] junta have to join together to find the solution for the country, so it's not too late to change your mind,” Phumtham posted.

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