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TUESDAY, November 28, 2023

Thai Vietjet unveils the second half of the year’s plan

Thai Vietjet unveils the second half of the year’s plan
FRIDAY, July 02, 2021

Ready for international services and revitalize domestic tourism

Thai Vietjet reveals its operational plan in the second half of 2021, preparing for international routes resumption & expansion, and encouraging the revival of tourism in Thailand together with both government and private agencies as well as accelerating the development of service improvements in all aspects to provide the best experience to passengers.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic since the first round in 2019, Thai Vietjet has never stopped flying. We have also expanded to 6 new domestic routes in 2019, marking the airline's growth amid the crisis. In the past, we have reduced and increased flights accordingly for the situation to meet the travel passenger’s needs and the measures of each province. Now, it is showing good signs as the number of vaccinated populations continually increases and more people start traveling again. We have also launched a campaign to encourage passengers to get vaccinated to build their immunity and protect their health, and lighten the duties of medical staff. We are giving special privileges of ‘Free Seat Selection’ to passengers who have completed 2 Covid-19 vaccinations. Moreover, most importantly, we are committed to providing services with the highest safety by strictly performing aircraft disinfection daily throughout its fleet in compliance with Thai Ministry of Public Health to ensure the health and safety of passengers" said Mr. Woranate Laprabang, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Vietjet.

In early June 2021, Thai Vietjet successfully hosted ‘Vietjet Sky Career Festival 2021’ during June 7 – 9, 2021. This year, the event was held virtually via live streaming on our Facebook fan page ‘Vietjet (TH)’. The event was held annually since 2018 to provide participants with an opportunity to explore a career in the aviation industry, learning from aviation specialists, participating in online job recruitment, developing a personal career path, and getting a chance to win free air tickets daily. The event has reached over 100,000 online views, and more than 3,000 potential candidates applied to be a part of the airline in various job functions, such as pilot, flight attendant, ground operation, engineer, and more to support our fleet expansion plans in the second half of this year. Mr. Woranate Laprabang added “In the past, Thai Vietjet has never had any staff layoffs. On the other hand, our employment rate has grown around 20-25%. In 2019, we had about 650 employees, and now we have over 800 employees already. We are now recruiting the 17th batch of Thai Vietjet Cabin Crew to support our fleet expansion which we plan to receive 7 new aircraft by the end of the year 2021. For this month, we have also increased the flight frequency on our domestic routes continuously to support higher travel needs.”

Thai Vietjet unveils the second half of the year’s plan

Customers Experience Enhancement:

Having the idea of ‘customer-centric, Thai Vietjet continues to enrich customers’ experiences with many digital movements implemented. The airline has introduced theb‘Amy’ chatbot, which went live with friendly artificial intelligence software that can interact with passengers instantly through the airline’s contact channels, including Line Official, Facebook Messager, and Skyfun Website. The next 3 following phases with further developed and integrated functions will be launched later this year. At the current phase, the newly launched chatbot can answer general inquiries from passengers, FAQs and connect to the airline’s live chat service. The service aims to further enhance passenger experience and increase their satisfaction towards the airline’s service quality.

To support passengers during COVID-19 escalation, the airline also introduced the ‘Booking Self-management’ function on its website to assist passengers in booking management. Moreover, the airline has announced the service recovery policy to support affected passengers during the outbreak of the pandemic. The airline also expanded the call center sector and added more possible contact channels to support all passengers with its best services.

The Launch of E-commerce Platform and Loyalty Program:

To further enhancing its passengers’ purchasing experience, the airline shall soon introduce its e-commerce platform ‘Sky Shop’ at

During the first phase, customers will be able to have a multi-choice shopping experience with the airline's in-flight souvenir, hotel voucher, travel insurance, non-life insurance, Covid 19 test package, and other transportation services with a special offer via the 'Sky Shop' website. In the future, the airline hopes to expand the platform into a widely utilized e-commerce platform that offers customers a wide range of products from several partners and suppliers, not just the airline's products and services.

Customer experience is one of Thai Vietjet's top priorities, and the new e-commerce platform will contribute to completing the airline's customer experience chain with the idea of "customer-centric", bringing satisfaction to the customer not only the moment they start planning to fly, but also at the end of the journey, and beyond.

And that has led to another phase to uplift the customers’ satisfaction development, with the introduction of Thai Vietjet’s loyalty program called ‘SkyFUN Loyalty’.

The SkyFUNNER is Thai Vietjet’s official loyalty program. As a SkyFUNNER, passengers will enjoy many prestigious benefits from the airline itself and its travel partners, regardless of where they fly to. Once become a SkyFUNNER, passengers can earn ‘coins’ throughout various activities, for instance, booking tickets, completing check-in, and chatting with the airline’s chatbot ‘Amy’. Passengers then can use the coin to redeem attractive benefits and privileges to enhance their journey with the airline. The SkyFUNNER loyalty program is currently under extensive development and the airline expects to announce the official launch of the program by the second half of the year.