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TUESDAY, November 29, 2022
Unveiling the ultimate ‘Thailand J Food Festival’ at Central shopping centers

Unveiling the ultimate ‘Thailand J Food Festival’ at Central shopping centers

TUESDAY, September 28, 2021

The leading destination for vegetarian food, with a variety of vegetarian food in one place from 5 to 14 October 2021. The campaign is expected to increase customer traffic by 15-20% as we have increased confidence through our master plan of ‘Central Hygiene & Safe Plus+’

Central Pattana plc, operator of centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, Central Phuket and Central Village, is joining hands with its business partners including Thaitheparos plc, and Dairy Plus Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of Dna Soy milk, along with Central Pattana affiliate CENTRAL FOODPARK to hold the ‘Thailand J Food Festival 2021’ highlighting its success as the leading vegetarian food destinations. Its concept of ‘J Integrated Lifestyle’ has tapped into consumer insights by combining traditional vegetarianism with the lifestyles of the new-generation consumers all in one place. With its strengths of operating shopping centers nationwide, Central Pattana can easily reach all target groups. More than 5,000 vegetarian dishes including traditional, international from world-famous restaurants, fusion, legendary street-food restaurants, bakeries and cafes are available at the shopping centers. To catch up with the trend of 'Hyper Localism', plant-based foods from local ingredients are also available for those who are health conscious. Herbal vegetarian dishes at budget prices starting from only 19 baht are available at Central Food Park. You can worship to the Guan Yin (goddess of mercy) and the Tao Bo (goddess of the stars) to ask for blessings and good health. Many special promotions await to create new experiences for everyone at the 'Thailand J Food Festival: gain merit, be happy and healthy’, from 5 to 14 October 2021 at 33 Central shopping centers nationwide.

Unveiling the ultimate ‘Thailand J Food Festival’ at Central shopping centers

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Central Pattana, said: “The vegetarian festival at Central shopping centers each year, not only do we select the finest vegetarian dishes from legendary and popular restaurants, we also look thoroughly into today's consumers lifestyle. We tap into the insights of their eating habits and interests (including various trends) in order to adjust our strategy accordingly and be able to curate a range of restaurants and shops that truly meet the needs of all groups of consumers. This year, we are presenting the vegetarian festival under the concept of 'J Integrated Lifestyle', combining traditional vegetarianism with latest trends, expanding the target range to a new group such as ‘Zillennials’ or Gen Z (aged 18-24 years) who tend to be health conscious, and who have reduced meat consumption and switched to plant-based foods, and following the current trend of 'Hyper Localism' by selecting healthy local ingredients that also help to strengthen immunity. The vegetarian festival at Central shopping centers, therefore, is responding to this trend with a new choice of food and lifestyles to add more options and variety to the vegetarian festival.

Unveiling the ultimate ‘Thailand J Food Festival’ at Central shopping centers

We're collaborating with world-famous restaurants to launch international vegetarian menus including Italian-style vegetarian food from Italian Osteria, Korean-style vegetarian food from Over Seoul, and Singaporean-style vegetarian dishes from Chuan Kitchen in addition to world-class restaurants such as Din Tai Fung, Hai Di Lao and TP Tea, which will also launch their first vegan bubble tea only at centralwOrld. We are also collaborating with partner restaurants and shops to create an exclusive menu that is a signature for each branch that cannot be found elsewhere.”

“Moreover, there are activities to enhance your fortune following the tradition of the vegetarian festival; tips to enhance your luck; tips on how to prepare yourself before commencing a vegetarian diet during this period and on how to pay homage to the Guan Yin Goddess, which is brought directly from China to CentralPlaza Bangna etc. It is expected that the vegetarian festival at Central shopping centers nationwide will help stimulate spending at the end of the year and customer traffic will increase by 15-20%,” Dr. Nattakit added.

Discovering special promotions at the vegetarian festival e.g. CentralPlaza Bangna offers: 1) get a free cash dining voucher worth 200 baht when spending 1,000 baht and up on dining in the shopping centers (limited to 100 vouchers/day); 2) Get a free exclusive vegetarian dish from participating shops at the festival booths when spending 300 baht and up on vegetarian food at the event (limited to 1,000 customers throughout the program) etc.

Unveiling the ultimate ‘Thailand J Food Festival’ at Central shopping centers

Highlights at ‘Thailand J Food Festival 2021’ that you should not miss:

Central World, the ultimate destination for international vegetarian food, is gathering over 500 vegetarian dishes at the ‘wOrld of vegetarian’ where you can enjoy new dishes from famous restaurants such as Italian Osteria, Over Seoul, Chuan Kitchen, Din Tai Fung, Hai Di Lao, and TP Tea. Discovering original vegetarian foods from well-known and legendary street food restaurants such as Talalask, See Fah, Zheng Dou, Lee Café and healthy vegetarian dishes with plant-based food from the ‘Healthiful zone’ of Central Food Hall, which is bringing together various healthy ingredients plus convenient vegetarian food items such as vegetarian croissants from Captain Squid and other items from Easy Buddy, KumPoon and Ampersand.

Don’t miss the ‘Only @ centralwOrld’ dishes – TP Tea will introduce its first vegetarian menu with: Signature Black Tea Soy Latte, Premium Green Tea Soy Latte, TieGuanYin Tea Soy Latte. Italian Osteria will introduce Italian-style vegetarian ‘Casual & Home Eateries’ with three special dishes: Beetroot Linguini on Pecorino Cheese Fondue, Broccoli Pie on Plunking Puree and Fermented Garlic with Jerusalem Artichokes. Ampersand is presenting its Thai Herb Sorbet, which combines a fusion of turmeric, ginger, fingerroot and lemon, the four finest Thai herbs of this era, in the form of sorbet.

CentralPlaza Bangna brings more than 500 sweet and savory vegetarian dishes from 30 well-known restaurants from all over the country, rotating the menu every day. For example, vegetarian fish maw from Xie Chinatown, Chinese chives from Talat Phlu, Ngow Kuay Krathong Phueak (five fried Chinese nuts in a taro basket) from Hong Min restaurant, and Lao Kong herbal drinks from Yaowarat. Enjoy the exclusive auspicious food zone, which presents the most auspicious dishes from seven master ingredients – highly recommended during the vegetarian festival. Be blessed at the worshipping session of the goddess of mercy (originally from China) and enjoy good health with a choice of vegetarian food, clean food, food for those on a Keto or no-carb diet with no concern of gaining weight.

CentralPlaza Rama 3 gathers together over 300 vegetarian street food menu items from 50 well-known restaurants across the city into one place. Don't miss out on seven legendary street food restaurants with exclusive menus only at CentralPlaza Rama 3! Special dishes include Bok Kia, (sweet shaved ice with various toppings) from Je Niaw shop, Bang Rak; Ew Kuay (stuffed crispy cake) from Je Kiao Yaowarat; à la carte noodles that you can select from 9 types of noodles, 9 types of soups and 27 topping ingredients; KanKee Namtao Thong‘s herbal drinks, Teochew Dim Sum from Lim Uang Sui at Yaowarat Market, Fish Maw Soup by Je Aeng, a popular restaurant from Talat Phlu and flavored radish from Mae Yark Thum, a homemade specialty delivered directly from Bon Marché Market Park.

Central Phuket – feel blessed in the new normal style by asking for blessings and luck from nine respected shrines through QR codes such as Peng An Peng An (wishing you happiness) at Central Phuket Floresta and enjoy delicious vegetarian food from popular vegetarian restaurants at Central Phuket with ‘Triple Value’ promotions from the ‘More Deliciousness at Central Phuket’ campaign.

CentralPlaza WestGate invites you to taste the best vegetarian dishes and original recipes from restaurants such as vegetarian steamed buns from Lim Uang Sui restaurant, Golden Taro from Shangri-La Restaurant, Jui Guay (Chinese steamed dumplings) from Li Chim Hia Restaurant, Pad Paed Sian (stir-fry with eight main ingredients), fresh tofu soft sheet from Hua Seng Hong restaurant and Jiaogulan herbal tea from Muen Li tea shop.

CentralPlaza Pinklao brings deliciousness to please health-conscious customers such as avocado salad, quinoa, vegetarian grilled mushrooms and spaghetti bolognese with vegetarian sauce from Salad Mood, and nourish the body with the great ‘Triphala’ (three great Thai herbs) dishes from Bua Loy Klom Kleaw restaurant and vegetarian fish maw soup from Je Aeng restaurant at Talat Phlu.

CentralFestival Chiangmai presents its vegetarian food festival for the Year of the Ox to please amulet lovers with a highlighted menu called 'J Good Luck' – vegetarian dishes that enhance luck and auspiciousness for each element of all 12 zodiac signs, followed by a procession of vegetarian fusion dishes such as fried shiitake with Korean sauce, vegetarian dumplings, and vegetarian ‘Gimbap’, in addition to more than 300 healthy vegetarian dishes from popular restaurants in Chiang Mai such as Mae Salong Villa, Asian Fusion, old recipe Bokkia dessert, Je Im Thip, Grandma's Homemade Tofu, Pansuk Salad. Bread lovers should not miss out on brioche bread, a unique and original French bread served at The Vegano Britro and made by a 5-star hotel bakery and confectionery chef.

CentralPlaza Chiangmai Airport – feel blessed and healthy with vegetarian menus from well-known restaurants such as vegetarian steak from Ban Rai Steak, vegetarian dim sum from Chala No.6, vegetarian Kanom Jeen (rice noodles) from Zong Yaowarat, and vegetarian dishes from Le Meridien Shangri-La and Siripanna etc.