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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Thailand got 5.3 million doses of AstraZeneca jabs in July

Thailand got 5.3 million doses of AstraZeneca jabs in July

TUESDAY, August 03, 2021

AstraZeneca confirmed on Tuesday that it had delivered 5.3 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine to Thailand in July as part of its commitment to deliver 61 million doses to the country.

The July deliveries meet the vaccine manufacturer’s projections, which show that in months of uninterrupted manufacturing, it can supply between 5 million and 6 million doses to Thailand.

As of the end of July, AstraZeneca had delivered 11.3 million doses to Thailand in total and has also started delivering to nearby countries from its Thailand manufacturing centre.

“Our partner Siam Bioscience is performing amongst the strongest in our worldwide manufacturing network, operating at full capacity and delivering to the highest quality standards. Where possible, we will collaborate with them to deliver vaccines faster,” said James Teague, country president of AstraZeneca (Thailand).

The vaccine is around 80 to 90 per cent effective against severe disease and hospitalisation and is highly effective against all variants of concern, including Beta and Delta.

The vaccine’s overall safety is comparable to other vaccines and cases of thrombosis, which are very rare, can be treated with early diagnosis.

The vaccine is being distributed worldwide without profit for as long as the pandemic lasts.