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FRIDAY, December 09, 2022
TUESDAY, September 14, 2021

The Department of International Trade Promotion has introduced Thailand’s insect-based delicacies overseas and people have started developing a taste for it. An application has also been created for foreign buyers to keep track of the production and see if the procedure matches international standards.

Bricket launches quality control system to boost value and global reputation

“Wise consumption lessens the burden on the world” is the motto of Thai company The Bricket.

A leader in the insect-based food industry, the company is launching an application for quality control in eco-friendly cricket farming.

The application will allow users to trace production origins, thereby elevating safety and hygiene standards to ensure consumer confidence in the product.

“The company focuses on cricket protein powder,” explains Pooripat Thiapairat, head of sales and marketing for The Bricket Co Ltd.

The powder costs about 80-100 baht per kilogram when purchased from the farm. However, with the new application system, that value should increase to 100-150 baht as retailers will be able to sell the product at 200-250 baht per kilo, said Pooripat.

“Japan is our main market in Asia, and we have delivered a sample of the product for testing there,” he added. “We are also cooperating with the Netherlands in Europe and with Mexico and Chile in the Americas.”