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SATURDAY, November 26, 2022
TUESDAY, September 14, 2021

As they say, there’s always an opportunity if you look for it. This producer of eco-friendly packaging has managed to penetrate the global market from different channels thanks to support provided by the Department of International Trade Promotion.

With every crisis comes opportunity – and no one knows this better than Saranchana “Dream” Atipanya.

The managing director of Earthbound Co Ltd, a company making naturally packaged soap, has managed to expand the business even during the Covid-19 crisis.

“At every moment in every situation, there is always a hidden opportunity for us to grab if we can chase it and make the best use of it,” says Dream.

“I am the next generation to continue my mother’s business. The business was born in 2004, from my mother’s interest in nature. Natural leaves were prepared through innovative technological processes and then made into the packaging for our soaps.”

At that time, the soaps were exported mainly to countries in Europe such as Germany.

“The soap packaging that we make can also be used as decorative items for hotels, restaurants and houses as well,” she adds.

The packaging production is done in cooperation with a community in Prachinburi province.

“We help provide income for the community. For example, the locals are given livelihoods during the Covid-19 pandemic, Dream explains.

A trip to the East opened more opportunities to expand her business.