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FRIDAY, December 01, 2023

depa – Tellscore ready to support Influencer career after the "deINFLUENCER" project was an overwhelming feedback

depa – Tellscore ready to support Influencer career after the "deINFLUENCER" project was an overwhelming feedback
MONDAY, November 01, 2021

November 1, 2021, Bangkok – depa and Tellscore announce the success of the “deINFLUENCER” project after receiving a satisfaction feedback with more than 460 participants ex-ceeding the target, pushing influencers to become another dream career for the new generations.

This project had drove the digital economy into many new dimensions and influencing the ideas with con-sumers in deciding to buy or use products from various services.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of depa, said, “The deINFLUENCER project aims to encourage people to use technology in their daily lives and applied to communication skills in the online world to create a new alternative in the digital career that play an important role in driving a multidimensional economy.

From the study of the Thai consumer market, it was found that Influencer Economy market value, employment value reached 1.8 billion baht in 2018, and this is not including 2-3 times the value of direct influencers from brands, which come from influencers, both at the Macro level Influencer, Micro Influencer and Nano Influencer.  All of these employment values are ​​come from tens of thousands of influencers only demonstrate opportunities for career growth as an influencer in Thailand and that still also reflect on the needs of the manpower in the digital economy era.”

Suvita Charanwong, CEO & Co-Founder of Tellscore

Suvita Charanwong, CEO & Co-Founder of Tellscore said, “Since the day we opened for influencers to join the program in August’21. There are many people interested in participating in the project. From the original limit of 100 participants, the project team has selected over 460 additional participants according to the selection criteria who will be given the opportunity to study and practice communication skills covering strategies for using online media every channel and every platform fundamentals of media productions, graphic productions, and online productions including the market that has to be in the right place, the right way and the target audience to prepare to you become a professional influencer with 4 famous influencers with the like of Yardpirun, Jakkrit Yompayom, Aki Yamaguchi and Bam Pitipat.

Benjaporn Leeraweekiet, One of the project participants revealed, “The four lessons have greatly helped in creating an identity for yourself and being able to create content that is right for your target audience. Express on what we have knowledge and really interested in that field such as Entertainment, Education, Inspiration or Information are planned regularly. Expand reach to various channels and being a voice for society, especially in the course “I choose Trends, Trends don’t choose me” from Kru Tom Jakkrit because I like to learn new things all the time and alway follow the trends. Consumers nowadays spend most of their time in online platform, new trends come in everyday and what make consumers interest and keep following our content are choosing what we want to convey hand in hand with the current social trends”

For the lessons, the lecture session consists of 4 lessons as follows:
          1. Make a difference to be outstanding by Yardpirun
          2. Interaction with audiences and followers by Yardpirun
          3. “Self”, Discover my “Content” by Mr. Aki Yamaguchi
          4. I choose Trends, Trends don't choose me: Applying trends around you to create our own unique content for Creative Short Clip (TikTok) by Kru Tom Jakkrit

In addition, all 460 participants who participated in the e-Learning platform and completed the test in all 4 lessons as well as participate in an Online Workshop with Bam Pitipat to practice their skills will receive a deINFLUENCER course certificate from depa. Being an influencer through content experimentation and practical application the training content focuses on “Personal Branding” or building a good image for yourself. Whether creating content verbal expressions, gestures, and professionalism in all forms of communication. The workshop participants must create 1 piece of work for each of the 5 judges and the work that has been selected will be given the opportunity to be one of the influencers in the Tellscore Influencer Platform, ready to accept jobs and start building a career in the digital world with confidence.

For more information, please follow on the “deINFLUENCER” Facebook page and depaThailand Facebook Page or visit website