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Lux Asia Pacific arrives in Thailand with promise of pure water

Jul 15. 2019
Alexander Holl, chief executive officer of Lux Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Alexander Holl, chief executive officer of Lux Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
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In order to cash in on the high-growth potential of Asean’s home-appliance market, leading European player – Lux Asia Pacific – is initiating new strategies to penetrate the market and overcome challenges.

During an exclusive interview with the Nation, chief executive officer Alexander Holl said the potential of the Asean market has been growing due to rising incomings and a flourishing middle class. 

“We can also see the desire to lead healthier lives and moves to ‘go green’. This means, consumers are looking for sustainable solutions, which in particular is fuelling the demand for water and air purifiers. Though Thailand has built a relatively stable economy, we will have to see how the US-China trade war impacts it,” he said. 

“Our differentiation through products and services is the main driver for our business. We are currently the only company that has achieved the highest standard in water purifiers, enabling us to guarantee 99.9999 per cent purified water at the point of dispensing at all times. The technology we use has been certified by WQA [US-based Water Quality Association] and NSF International [a US-based product testing, inspection and certification organisation]. We have a strong desire to provide sustainable solutions and have a positive impact on the world by focusing on a clear green agenda. On top of this our 24 branches, covering most of Thailand, allows us to visit customers’ homes to ensure that our appliances work perfectly,” Holl added.

As for the change in Asean consumers’ buying and consumption habits, Holl said his company has learned that many people prefer to shop online, though they have also realised that online shopping offers little support when it comes to installation of appliances and even less support when the product fails, he said. 

“This is where we have our strength and always get positive feedback from our customers. We are constantly improving ourselves and plan to be even more proactive, so customers have the best possible product experience,” he said. 

However, he admitted that it was a challenge to find qualified employees who are passionate about their job. 

“We invest a lot in training employees to ensure that they represent the business the right way. Also, our managers are regularly on the field, so they can see the day-to-day work of our employees. This helps them see the challenges faced by our employees and find the best way of improving the situation,” he said. 

“Our main ambition is to provide clean and pure water to as many Thais as possible. At present, some 500,000 people are using our water purifiers and we hope to increase that number to 2 million in five years.”

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