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Four housing trends in 2021

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, lifestyle and living including business practices of today's people have changed, with a "new normal" that requires social spacing, wearing masks, reduced contact, and keeping hands clean.

It's not just the coronavirus outbreak that has created an impact on the present lifestyle. The lifestyle of modern people had already changed from the impact of technological developments, forcing everyone to adapt to advances in technology or digital disruption.

As a result, many businesses have had to adjust to keep pace and meet the needs of the changing customer groups. Real estate is no different from other businesses in terms of adjustments as the lifestyle, demands and consumer behaviour have changed. It requires development of products and services designed to accommodate the changing needs of customers. The marketer or housing developer has to analyse and predict trends including for construction in 2021. SCG analysed construction and housing trends for 2021 and found four factors that will influence and lead to changes.

1. Digital transformation

Bringing digital technology to be applied to all sectors is one of the key change parameters that are driven very quickly. This can be clearly seen by most people who have learned to use tools, technologies and online facilities for added convenience in their daily lives until it becomes a new normal.

2. Pay more attention to the living space

This trend emerged during the lockdown period when more people stayed at home than ever before. Home furnishings were made more livable and supportive of changing lifestyles. So, no matter how much the world has evolved and changed, housing is still an important fundamental factor and the safest place.

3. Well-being, an indispensable hygiene trend

The world is becoming more alert to hygiene, a trend that is in the interest of people of all ages and constantly growing rapidly. As a new way of living, seeing good health and well-being is vital as well as having a good and safe home.

In the meantime, Thailand still has to fully adapt to the ageing society in line with the people's behaviour and pay attention to safety as the top priority.

4. Circular economy and environment

People are starting to pay attention to the environment, saving more energy or even on a circular economy for maximum efficiency.

Published : January 18, 2021

By : The Nation