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Nov 23. 2020
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SINGAPORE, 20 November 2020

Enterprise Asia is pleased to present an impressive list of sixty-one outstanding award recipients at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2020 Regional Edition. These leading figures have set and proven themselves consistent and exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in going above and beyond expectations during this unprecedented year. 

Established in 2007, APEA recognises outstanding entrepreneurs and organisation representing the best the industry has to offer. An initiative by Enterprise Asia, the region’s leading NGO, APEA is the largest regional recognition programme, with over 3,000 nominations received each year, and less than one-tenth of that receiving the awards in all 14 markets. 

This year, Enterprise Asia has rebranded its flagship programme – APEA, from Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards to Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards with two additional enterprise awarding categories - Inspirational Brand Award and Fast Enterprise Award in bid to further recognise championing enterprises in strong reputation and thriving growth. This brings APEA to a total of four awarding categories – Master Entrepreneur, Corporate Excellence, Inspirational Brand, and Fast Enterprise.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, APEA 2020 Regional Edition was commenced virtually on 20 November 2020 with the theme of ‘Accelerating Growth Beyond Borders’.  The theme objective is to unlock boundaries and shifting businesses to move beyond adaption and lead with impact. The APEA has gathered distinguished business leaders and organisations across 14 countries and markets into one unparalleled platform in fostering the continuity of sustainable entrepreneur growth in Asia.

With Corporate Excellence Award category winning recipients leading with 40% out of the four award categories have further shown that enterprises has demonstrated effective organisational capability to deliver consistent business results during this unprecedented year. Even in difficult times, these organisations have remained committed and aligned to their employees, stakeholders as well as their organisational purpose and values. 

“During such turbulent times, it can be tempting to forgo social responsibility for a business model that focuses solely on the bottom line,”  said Richard Tsang, President at Enterprise Asia.  “What we have to realise is that today, having a purpose and building a sustainable, profitable business go hand in hand.”

Richard added,  “In this situation of crisis, people – consumers, investors, everyone, are looking for inspiration and leadership now more than ever. Without standing for something, you can’t inspire or lead. It is purpose-driven companies that are proving more resilient and also leading the way forward.”

Among the notable Thai winners of the APEA 2020 Regional Edition include Andres Pira, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Horizon Developments Co., Ltd; Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut, Chief Executive Officer of GUNKUL Engineering PCL; Chanin Vanijwongse, Chief Executive Officer of Habitat Group Co., Ltd and Antonio Chan, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of King Wai Group (Thailand) PCL under the Master Entrepreneur Category.

Further esteemed winning organisations are AIA Company Limited; Blue Horizon Developments Co., Ltd.; GUNKUL Engineering PCL; Habitat Group Co, Ltd.; Shrinkflex (Thailand) Public Company Limited under the Corporate Excellence Category. Blue Horizon Developments Co., Ltd.; Habitat Group Co, Ltd. from the Inspirational Brand Category and Nilecon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. from the Fast Enterprise Category.

APEA 2020 Regional Edition is supported by All India Association of Industries, India Thai Chamber of Commerce, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau) Limited, Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce, The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies. PR Newswire as the Official News Release Distribution Partner, Avanguardia Group Sdn Bhd as the Official Production Partner, BusinessWorld, Commercial Times, Esquire Philippines, Hong Kong Economic Times, Kumparan, Indonesia, SME Magazine, The Asian Entrepreneur, and The Nation as media partners.




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