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CAT steps into the new S-Curve

Feb 10. 2017
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Partnering with two leading South Korea companies, launches

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited launched the new joint venture company ‘’Tree Pay’’, by partnering with SK Telecom and NHN KCP from South Korea and announced the new business – Payment Gateway and e-Business at CAT Tower in Bang Rak. CAT Telecom will continue to develop the New S-Curve to create the sustainable growth by starting with Platform IoT in Phuket Smart City in response to the Thailand 4.0 strategy.

Thai government recently announced Thailand 4.0 strategy with an aim to increase competitive advantages of Thai businesses through various projects for the stability, prosperity and sustainability of the country with Digital Economy plan. One of the main objectives is the increase the competitiveness of Thai businesses with the benefit of digital technology by supporting the transformation of marketplace to a completed e-Business to match Thai trade with international trade.

Such strategy creates attentiveness in Thai’s telecommunication industry in order to develop the fundamental infrastructure and new services to match the new digital technology. CAT Telecom, the key provider of telecommunication services, has established a new joint venture with the world class digital technology developers, SK Telecom and NHN KCP, to capture the new business trend with higher achievement.

Colonel Sanpachai Huvanandana, Ph.D., Managing Director of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited revealed “CAT has developed businesses in response to the needs in digital technology era. Many new services are additional services form our main business as telecommunication and the internet provider. We also develop digital services in various platforms to offer completed solutions which increase competitive advantage to CAT Telecom in a long run. Today we have a great plan for Thailand’s telecommunication industry by developing new technology together with the world leading telecommunication service provides.

We established Tree Pay (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. as a joint venture company with the leading telecommunication company, SK Telecom, which offers various businesses such as telecommunication, e-Commerce, Digital Contents; and NHN KCP, the leading e-Commerce and      e-Payment provider from South Korea with the capital investment of more than 200 million Baht.”

Mr. Suvicha Nalita, CEO, Tree Pay (Thailand) Ltd said “Tree Pay will offer a comprehensive e-Commerce payment gateway platform to businesses in Thailand. Drawing from the experience of all the shareholders, Tree Pay is geared to provide security, efficiency and practicality for its payment services. Going forward, a seamless user experience transacting on the e-payment channel will ensure a natural growth in the local e-payments environment and accommodate the government’s Thailand 4.0 strategy. Tree Pay also offers data analytics, risk management, PCI security standards alongside ISO 27001 certification of its IDC.  Tree Pay utilizes market proven technology to deliver a trusted payment solution and will continue to innovate for optimum client business growth ”  Mr. Suvicha Nalita added. 

 “The payment service of Tree Pay matches the government policy to enhance Thai businesses to apply digital technology which will benefit to Thai SMEs and new entrepreneurs to perform business via fast and reliable e-Commerce platform. Tree Pay, therefore, is the new phenomenon of financial transaction system that will facilitate e-Commerce in Thailand. The partnerships with two leading companies will enhance the potential of Thailand as a center of leading technology in Asia.” Colonel Sanpachai, Ph.D. added 

Not only establishing the new joint venture company Tree Pay to capture E-business, CAT Telecom and SK Telecom also develop Platform IoT for Phuket in response to the new government’s project, “Phuket Smart City” to promote Phuket to be a smart city and smart start-up as one of the projects in Digital Economy strategy and Thailand 4.0. Currently there are various parties has been working together to create “Phuket Smart City” in 2020. 

Dr. Dhanant Subhadrabandhu. Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited said “As CAT Telecom, the leading telecommunication provider in Thailand is assigned from the government to be responsible for the fundamental telecommunication infrastructure for such project. CAT Telecom, therefore, partners with SK Telecom, a leading telecommunication provider from South Korea which has experiences in developing global standard IoT platform, ready to design and implement the system. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for telecommunication infrastructure and IoT platform in Phuket under the “Phuket Smart City” project is a great opportunity for leading telecommunication companies from both countries to transform Phuket to be the first Smart City in Thailand by LoRa IoT Network Technology ,the first in ASEAN.

Mr. Inhyok Cha Executive Vice President, IoT Business Division SK Telecom said “The IoT platform that CAT and SK Telecom will develop and install for “Phuket Smart City” consists of  3 categories. Asset Tracking is the track and trace system which can access to any eco bikes registered in the system real-time. Asset Tracking includes Safe Watch, the smart watch that can connect to the application on smart phone which can also trace the location of wearer real-time. Both options can give notification when accident happens and users need emergency assistant.”

“The second category is AMI Service, the smart meter that can be installed with any meter such as water, electricity. The data will be kept swiftly and can be checked, managed, and controlled online. Apart from the data management, it also offers e-Payment as well. The third category is the Smart City Service, including Smart Light that can be installed in any lighting devices in the city such as traffic light, road light and CCTV camera. The light can be controlled remotely and equipped with sensor to monitor electrical usage which will save the energy. This service also include Smart Menhole that will control and provide sanitization such as sensor to capture temperature, humidity, gas, fire from the drain in order to analyze and prevent the accidents. SK Telecom will be responsible for installation and connection of each system while CAT telecom will take care of the service and operations.” Mr. Inhyok Cha added.

Dr. Dhanant concluded “The cooperation in IoT platform between CAT and SK Telecom is the revolution of living condition for both tourists and people in Phuket to be a real Smart Life, following the 6 concepts of Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Governance, Smart Living, Smart Mobility and Smart People.”

The partnership of CAT and SK Telecom is the new beginning of the new technology, bringing the New S-Curve to better quality of life for Thais and for a better future of telecommunication industry in Thailand.


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