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Toucans take flight at Starbucks

Jun 29. 2018
Double-Layered Green Leaves Stainless-Steel Tumbler, Bt1,300
Double-Layered Green Leaves Stainless-Steel Tumbler, Bt1,300
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Exotic birds and bursts of colour accentuate the latest drink containers

STARBUCKS EVOKES the holiday spirit with a new edition of colourful drinkware that takes inspiration from nature. 

Using a palette of green, blue, orange and yellow, the collection is adorned with distinctive designs of leaves, tropical fruits and toucans – one of the most recognisable birds in Brazil and cousins to Thailand’s hornbills.

Blue Toucan Ceramic Mug 12 with bright yellow plastic lid, Bt950

Suitable for hot and cold beverages, the Blue Toucan ceramic mug comes with a bright yellow plastic lid for cheery sips, and the Various Colored Leaves ceramic mug is complete with a matching yellow plastic lid to brighten up your day.

Yellow Pineapple-shaped Ceramic Mug 12 with green silicone lid, Bt750

Lovely in its shape, the Yellow Pineapple-like ceramic mug is paired with a green silicone lid that’s designed to resemble a pineapple crown to keep your beverages warm for hours. 

Clear Toucan Plastic Mug, Bt380.

For cold beverages, the Clear Toucan plastic mug boasts toucans flying in the clear blue skies, and the Double-Layered Pink stainless-steel tumbler is equipped with a new thinner lid and an orange plastic straw that can be washed and reused. 

Various Colored Leaves Ceramic Mug 12 with matching yellow plastic lid, Bt950

The Double-Layered Green Leaves stainless-steel tumbler and the Double-Wall Pink-Orange Palm Leaves plastic tumbler add some fun to your day with a mini-parasol on the straw. 

The prices range from Bt380 to Bt1,300. 

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