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What’s your sign?

Feb 01. 2019
Bt5,400 white Guy Laroche shoulder bag for Capricorn
Bt5,400 white Guy Laroche shoulder bag for Capricorn
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A feng shui master fills Central’ shelves with zodiac magic

TO WELCOME the Year of the Pig, Central has recruited feng shui expert Tossaporn “Chang” Sritula to choose auspicious items for all signs of the zodiac for its Chinese New Year sales.

And meanwhile shoppers can enjoy discounts up to 30 per cent until February 11.

Bt990 rose vase for Aries 

Capricorn people (born January 15 to February 12) will this year earn more money and travel often, so ceramic dolls, a new purse and footwear in black and white could bring them good luck on a journey. 

Aquarius (February 13 to March 14) will be rich and be invited to several social events. Wearing a posh suit or wristwatch in purple and black will bring them good opportunities.

Pisces (March 15 to April 13) will progress in their careers and meet lots of people this year. Shoes and wallets of leather in earth tones and yellow will promote their work, while women can use a purple-rose lipstick to make negotiations smooth.

Bt1,090 Nars lip balm for Pisces

Aries (April 14 to May 13) have a chance to change jobs and make more money. A photo frame, wallet and nourishing cream in red will enhance their physical characteristics. 

Taurus (May 14 to June 13) have a chance at marriage but shouldn’t lend anyone money. New jewellery and footwear in bright blue and navy blue will boost their energy and open career opportunities.

Gemini (June 14 to July 14) will travel a lot and have no time to rest. Eye cream, wristwatch and a table lamp in green could enhance your physical characteristics and improve love and family relationships.

Cancer (July 15 to August 16) is down to earth. Wearing white pearls gives them smooth life. 

Bt11,990 classic suite by Suite Select for Scorpio

Leo (August 17 to September 16) can refresh their homes with an aromatic diffuser, a clock and glassware in orange to improve feng shui.

Virgo (September 17 to October 17) will get a new job. Wearing a new jacket and buying a briefcase and vase in green will enhance the feng shui in their homes and ensure successful negotiations. 

Libra (October 18 to November 16) will be wealthy, and a blue bracelet and glassware will help keep money coming in. 

Bt6,450 yellow American Tourister luggage for Sagittarius

Scorpio (November 17 to December 15) will face changes in life, such as getting a new house or car. Bedding and crystal home furnishings in red and yellow will generate positive energy.

Sagittarius (December 16 to January 14) will travel often, so yellow luggage and gold sunglasses will guarantee safe journeys. 

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